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Fantastic Dream

Fantastic Dream Limited

Mission:  We would like to improve the online and offline engagement of youth through social media and technology. By collaborating with the government and NGOs, we serve the community with innovative and sustainable ideas.

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Women, Men, Elderly, Families and Community, Impoverished.

Top needs:

• 能與cyber youth 同行的義工
• 週轉資金以應付現金流
• 二手枱凳
• 二手電腦伺服器
• 二手電腦用品/攝影週邊用品

Top 3 challenges:

• 訓練年青人
• 現金流不足
• 活動計劃經常被疫症打斷

Impact on beneficiaries:

Fantastic Dream has reached out to youths using social media platforms and YouTube videos, with more than 70 videos in total along with a total reach of more than 2 million. It has also organised more than 20 events along with partners from different charitable organisations, YouTubers and key opinion leaders (KOL).

We have also established a strong network with other Internet celebrities, who have an aggregate total following of more than 10 million throughout different social media platforms. Our keen advantage centers around our ability to engage them to join us in organising youth activities regularly, focusing on youth’s interests and needs while drawing enthusiastic numbers.

Fantastic Dream emphasises the importance of making deep online engagement with youths while having intervention on their issues. We aim to help Internet youths to discover their motivation to change and develop their personal potentials and dreams, thereby leading to significant breakthrough from their status-quo of mostly online life and fruitful, meaningful life in reality.

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