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Her Fund

HER Fund

Mission: We strive to mobilize resources for women’s empowerment and the promotion of social changes and gender equality. 我們致力籌集資源以倡導女性增權,推動社會改變,促進性別平權。

Beneficiaries: Women, Migrant domestic workers, Others (Girls and trans).

Top needs:

• Funding / Donation for core support and programs for marginalized and grassroots women, girls and trans community
• Voluntary I.T. Support
• Voluntary Graphic Designer

Top 3 challenges:

• Individual and corporate giving have decreased.
• Quality of work is affected because we can’t provide training face to face.
• Voices of marginalized women, girls and trans are difficult to be heard when society is only focusing on crisis or social movement, and also if there is no funding for them to carry on their work.

Impact on beneficiaries:

In the past 3 years, we granted more than HKD 1.1 million to 15 organizations to eliminate discrimination, poverty, violence and build the leadership of women and trans. More than 100 women, girls, and trans leaders and organizers joined our capacity building program, HER Hub, to learn hard skills, soft skills and network wider audiences to increase the impact of their work and make their organizations more sustainable.

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