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Hong Kong Generation Next Arts

Mission:  HKGNA’s Mission is to inspire and nurture artistic excellence and personal success in our next generation of young artists and transform lives through music.

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Impoverished, Formal Non-Commercial Organization (e.g., Non-Profit, School, Foundation, Trade Association, Union, etc.), Children with special education needs.

Top needs:

• Partial funding for operations and staff (Designer, Administrator, and Project Staff): HKD 250,000.
• Partial funding support for program development for new projects and annual Music Festival events (including concerts, music therapy lectures, and workshops, overseas performance, masterclasses): HKD 350,000.

Top 3 challenges:

• Decrease in grants and sponsorship due to the outbreak of COVID-19 as many companies and organisations are facing a difficult time in allocating funds due to economic downsizing.
• We have cancelled and postponed our events since Nov 2019 due to protests and COVID-19, and we are still uncertain whether we will be able to organise our events as re-scheduled. There are still some places in lockdown or having social distancing policies, which means that we are not able to invite overseas guest artists, or even local artists.
• We do not have funding for daily operations and staff.

Impact on beneficiaries:

We have been bringing music excellence to over 2000 individuals, audiences, and the Hong Kong community as a whole through our festivals and events, including concerts with international and local young musicians, music competition for the youth, music therapy lectures, and workshop series for our local community that involved over 10 schools and NGOs.

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