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Hong Kogn Shark Foundation

Hong Kong Shark Foundation

Mission:  Hong Kong Shark Foundation (HKSF) is a registered charity dedicated exclusively to shark conservation. As apex predators, sharks are a crucial part of the marine food chain. The demand for shark products has contributed to the rapid decline of many species, with several already nearing extinction. Removing sharks from our oceans will threaten the delicate balance of ecosystems that are valuable sources of food and key elements in regulating our climate.

We aim to raise awareness about shark conservation, particularly the unsustainable practice of shark finning, and to reduce the consumption of shark products in Hong Kong. Every year, over 100 million sharks are caught worldwide for shark fins and other products, with over 50% of the world’s shark fin being traded through Hong Kong alone. HKSF believes this a rare opportunity for one city to make a significant impact on a global scale. Please act now to help reduce the consumption of shark products in Hong Kong and save the world’s sharks.

Beneficiaries: Animals, Environment.

Top needs:

• Fundraising and funding: As a small, grassroots Hong Kong charity, HKSF does not receive ANY government or regular grant or corporate funding and has always been dependent on individual donors to support the shark conservation cause. Fundraising comes primarily from the kindness of schools, individuals, TwoPresents (an online invitation birthday platform) and small companies. In 2020 we received a very generous donation of HKD 114K from LUSH Hong Kong as part of their LUSH Charity Pot 2019 campaign to support small, grassroots organizations around the world that are working in the areas of animal protection, the environment, and human rights. See link below for more details: LUSH Fundraiser 2020 – https://www.hksharkfoundation.org/2020/02/lush-hk-fundraises-hkd114k-for-hksf-in-2020/
• Staffing: Since we have a limited budget, HKSF primarily operates using volunteers and one paid staff the Executive Director. If we had more funding, we could hire an additional person or two to drive the strategies and grow the charity to further the cause.
• Volunteers: Finding qualified volunteers that are willing to commit time and energy to keep the charity running on a professional and productive/successful level.

Top 3 challenges:

• Fundraising/Funding
• Teaching students when schools are online only
• Lack of funds to hire staff

Impact on beneficiaries:

Education: Shark Ambassador Education campaign – In 2019, HKSF reached over 10,800 kids in 2019 at over 45 schools. This is a 350% increase from when HKSF started teaching students about shark conservation in 2016. HKSF continues to educate students to stop eating shark fin soup and to change the world’s future by planting the seeds of positive change. For more information about our Shark Ambassador education program, please see the link: https://hksfambassador.wixsite.com/hksfambassador/

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