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Hong Kong Unison Limited

Mission: The mission of Hong Kong Unison is to effect change in government policies so that everyone in Hong Kong is treated with equal respect and concern by the authorities. 

Beneficiaries: Ethnic Minorities

Top needs:

  • Funding for advocacy program: Funding for advocacy has not been easy; this is made more difficult with COVID-19 as most funders prefer to fund direct services and immediate needs.
  • Fundraising for operations: Similar to the above, donors prefer to donate or make in-kind donations relating to COVID-19 to alleviate immediate needs such as health, food, housing and livelihood
  • Increase beneficiaries’ knowledge in technology for non-face-to-face contact.

Top 3 challenges:

  • Could not fulfill program requirement on school activities since school closures, and schools do not have time for such activities when schools resume.   
  • Deficit budget; difficulties in fundraising.
  • Manpower deployed to support COVID-19 instead of regular programming.

Impact on beneficiaries:

Thanks to the work of Unison, ethnic minority families have improved access to information on mainstream schools and increased opportunities to study with Chinese children. Through our capacity building workshops, ethnic minority youth has taken on active citizen roles; they become more visible in Hong Kong society and engage in solving community issues.

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