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Hong Kong Unison Limited

Mission: The mission of Hong Kong Unison is to effect change in government policies so that everyone in Hong Kong is treated with equal respect and concern by the authorities. 

Beneficiaries: Ethnic Minorities

Top needs:

  • Funding for policy advocacy campaigns
  • Funding for racial equity public education workshops
  • We need funding for the Executive Director and marketing and administration personnels.

Top 3 challenges:

  • Deficit budget; difficulties in fundraising in the current socio-economic environment.
  • Lack of funding to hire additional program staff - work overload for current team
  • Lack of dedicated and skilled volunteers in branding, marketing, and web design

Impact on beneficiaries:

Over the past three years, we have supported more than 7,700 ethnic minorities in different aspects such as scholarship schemes, career guidance and life planning, Chinese language learning, and information access on the local education system and public services. Through our capacity building workshops, ethnic minority youth are more active in social participation. They have become more visible in the Hong Kong society as contributing members and have emerged to be more engaging in community issues.

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