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Mission: ImpactHK works with people experiencing homelessness to help them settle in a safe home, restore their mental and physical wellbeing, build their self-esteem and social capital and discover their purpose.

Beneficiaries: Youth, Women, Men, Families and Community, Ethnic Minorities, Impoverished, the Homeless.

Top needs:

As a service organisation, our main need is funding for the social workers that run our case worker service, as well as project funding to provide employment opportunities to people experiencing homelessness.

• Funding to enroll 10-15 community helpers on our program for one year ~HKD 1-1.5 million (~HKD 100,000 per homeless individual per year). Covers housing, utilities, employment and skills training, educational classes, counselling and holistic support
• Access to (or funding for) co-working space or ad hoc meeting space for our operations staff in the west Kowloon area
• Funding for health care support for 30 existing community helpers (~HKD 300,000 for dental and ~HKD 30,000 for eye care)
• Skills-based long term volunteers/interns to support on marketing, engagement, events and admin – including helping us plan our first major fundraising event and working on the website
• Capacity building e.g. staff training, team building, communication workshops, peer support

Top 3 challenges:

• The number of volunteers in our outreach programme has decreased due to the gatherings limit.
• Our centres have been partially closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, which means serving meals in a line up outside. We have focused on meal provision (we are serving triple the number of meals since January 2020) and emergency shelter (we have expanded our housing programme to get a further 50 individuals into hostels). We are seeing an increasing number of elderly too coming to our centres who are not homeless, but are in real need of support.
• Maintaining the quality of service, while rapidly expanding our programs and provision to meet the current need.

Impact on beneficiaries:

Through our outreach program, our Kindness Walks, we serve over 1,000 meals per week on the streets. We start to build one-on-one relationships with those in need and invite them to our centres, where we provide housing and holistic support. In the past three years, we have housed 160 homeless individuals.

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