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InspiringHK Sports Foundation

Mission: With the vision of developing better youths through sports, our mission is to promote social mobility, gender equality, social inclusion and healthy lifestyle through sports. 

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Children with special education needs, Ethnic Minorities Impoverished.

Top needs:

• IHKSports is most grateful for the generous support from our partners and would like more organizations, corporates and individuals to support us as:
- Donation Partners (provide regular monetary donation to support our operation)
- Sports Program Title-Sponsors (provide specific funding to specific sports classes/projects)
- Supporting Partners (provide one-off donation, pro-bono services and/or in-kind donations)
- IHKSports is also supporting corporates or individuals who share IHKSports’ vision in creating a dedicated campaign page to fundraise for us.
• Volunteers with specialist skills to work with the full-time team to support the operation of the organization: Sports Program Management Team, Marketing and Communications Team, HR & IT Team, Learning and Development Team, Fundraising Team.
• Project-based volunteers, e.g. female volunteers as sports buddies in girls’ project for teenage girls.

Top 3 challenges:

• All classes of our sports training were cancelled and rescheduling is not possible until school resumes.
• Major events (e.g. Annual Gala Dinner, Grand Final for our Well Dunk! Basketball League) were also postponed.
• Funding and resources were reallocated to create new initiatives to respond to the current situation, e.g. our “Class Stops, Exercise Doesn’t” video series. It is expected that there will be challenges in fundraising from corporates, clubs and individuals.

Impact on beneficiaries:

In the past 3 years, >1,500 youth/children benefited from >80 long-term sports classes. >70% of our students showed improvement in the six key qualities under our STEPS! impact assessment framework. 

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