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Justice Without Borders

Justice Without Borders


To create transnational access to legal aid for victims of labour exploitation and human trafficking.



Women, Ethnic Minorities, Migrant Domestic Workers, Other Marginalized (e.g. LGBTQ+, Former drug abusers, Ex-offenders, etc)


Key Programs:

  1. Impact Litigation - Focusing on those who have suffered labor exploitation and human trafficking, we address the unique strategic and logistical issues that lawyers and clients face in bringing cross-border claims.
  2. Mentorship Programme - We also work to scale up our impact by imparting our expertise to a growing network of frontline NGOs, law firm partners, and government agencies, so others can take on the work of cross-border access to justice.

Top needs:

  • Funding for staff and operations
  • Funding for programs/ services to meet the increased demand
  • Volunteers with specialist skills like event planning, fundraising, marketing and branding, HR and Finance

Impact on beneficiaries:

Our strategic litigation turns the extraordinary actions of today into the ordinary claims of tomorrow. Having processed close to 90% of claims that MDW want to pursue, we have the expertise they seek. We have worked with union leaders, former MDWs and experienced paralegals to build their capacity to support other MDWs in their communities.

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