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Karen Leung Foundation

Mission: Save lives by reducing the impact of gynecological cancers in Hong Kong.

Beneficiaries: Youth, Women, Families and Community.

Top needs:

• Venue space for forthcoming Art x Cancer awareness project: Exhibition space as well as pre-and post-event space
• Social media expert/ agency to support (pro bono) community element of Art x Cancer awareness project
• Systems upgrade through the implementation of donor database
• Healthcare/ Psychological consultant to draw up counseling curriculum for cancer survivor project.
• Introductions to private schools in Hong Kong to further develop our vaccination program for girls and boys (parent funded).

Top 3 challenges:

• Awareness raising of cause.
• Foundation’s brand awareness in the broader community.
• COVID-19 restrictions and halt of all programs.

Impact on beneficiaries:

• KLF’s HPV immunisation and education programme has provided HPV vaccination to over 3,000 girls & since 2019 also boys.
• KLF’s cervical screening programmes have increased awareness and provided screening access to over 1,000 women.
• Through the efforts of KLF’s advocacy work, a public HPV vaccination scheme launched in 2018.

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