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Metta Mission & Community Ministry

Metta Mission & Community Ministry

Mission: Metta Mission & Community Ministry (known as Metta Mission & Community Service in Cambodia) is a Christian social service organization. We provide a range of services for children and youths, especially those who are begging on the streets, as well as medical services and handicrafts training in poor rural areas in Cambodia, in hopes of transforming the lives and bring hope to the poor and needy with the love of Jesus.


Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Women, Families and Community, Impoverished, Homeless

Top Needs:

  • The income received monthly is not sufficient to support the operating expense, so funding support is needed to sustain our services.
  • We welcome volunteers in providing marketing advice for our social enterprise products.
  • We have outreach service in village and a centre will be constructed to provide services to villagers. We need the advice from professional volunteers in the construction process.

Top 3 Challenges:

  • Not easy to attract new donors.
  • Need to widen the donation channels as we rely on the donation from church previously and such an income is affected due to the pandemic.
  • Hard to find funding body to support our services

Impact on beneficiaries:

  • We have successfully helped around 30 children and youths to walk out from the lives of begging on the street. Now, they go to school for study and even involve in our outreach service to help the children in need in village. It is grateful that they lives are transformed.


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