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Mind HK

Mission: Mind HK is here to ensure no one has to face a mental health problem alone.

Beneficiaries: Youth, Women, Men, Mentally and Emotionally, Disabled/ Challenged, Families and Community.

Top needs:

• Our funding is mainly comprised of restricted funding, which covers specific project components, and less so of our operational costs and manpower. While the first two years of our operational and manpower costs have been funded from unrestricted funding, the year-on-year reduction of such unrestricted funding will need to be mitigated with new funding sources for long-term sustainability.
• Upgraded furniture and equipment, e.g., multi-functional printer, to support expanded training offerings and operational needs and project growth. As our training scope expands to both webinar and in-person training delivery and new training programs, with evaluations that include focus groups, there is a pressing need to re-evaluate our current office space. We have the opportunity to take up new, sponsored space, in which a well-thought-out design could help to maximize the efficient space usage, and to accommodate the growth of our team from 2 part-time staff in early 2018, to the current 17 full and part-time staff.
• Skilled, regular translation support. We host thousands of pages of information on mental health across our websites and are constantly producing more resources that help the Hong Kong population to learn more about mental health and get the support that they need. Translation support would allow us to further streamline these processes and increase further our efficiency.
• Hiring a Development and Partnerships Manager to plan and drive our fundraising activities. This will help to consolidate our fundraising focus into more defined steps that would directly contribute to meeting our unrestricted funding needs, per item 1 above.

Top 3 challenges:

• Attaining critical operational support: Average monthly drop in total unrestricted donations (from 2019) has been 80% in 2020. Certain sponsorships and fundraising efforts have been impacted by the virus, further eliminating operational income.
• Increased demand. Our team’s capacity is extremely stretched, as the mental well-being of the Hong Kong population has been negatively impacted over the last few months, and we have re-allocated our staffing resources to meet immediate program needs.
• Increase unrestricted funding: while we are not at immediate funding risk, we need to mitigate the year-on-year funding shortfall to ensure longer-term sustainability.

Impact on beneficiaries:

We have built Mind HK to be a one-stop-shop for mental health information and support, trained over 4000 people in mental health literacy, reached millions through our campaigns, conducted research, had 400,000+ unique users visit our website, and launched a joint youth mental health initiative, Coolminds, with KELY Support Group.

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