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Mission for Migrant Workers

Mission for Migrant Workers

Mission:  To support migrant workers in crisis and empower them to regain dignity as human beings and as workers in Hong Kong.

Beneficiaries: Women, Ethnic Minorities, Migrant domestic workers.

Top needs:

• Salary for one Case Officer : HKD 536,555 for 3 years (36 months)
• Salary for one Program Officer : HKD 563,382 for 3 years( 36 months)
• Partial salary of the General Manager : HKD 407,776 for 3 years (36 months)

Top 3 challenges:

• How to diversify institutional funding sources and sustainability.
• Lack of financial support available for services to foreign domestic workers.
• Shortage of manpower in the organisation with increasing demands of services and assistance of service users.

Impact on beneficiaries:

In the past 3 years, we assisted a total of 15,000 migrants through our direct services.
• Assisted over 2,600 service users in their cases and monetary claims.
• Addressed 5,433 rights-based inquiries in our outreach services.
• Helped our service users to recover over HKD 7.5 millions in monetary compensations.
• Arranged shelter for over 2,000 migrants in distress.
• Offered over 300 work and life skills training and benefited over 7,000 participants.

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