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PILnet Hong Kong Limited

Mission:  Make law for all by facilitating collaboration between public/private sector lawyers with NGOs and the communities they work with.

Beneficiaries: We serve NGOs and social enterprises in Hong Kong with no particular focus.

Top needs:

  • Funding for staff and operations
  • Funding for programs/ services
  • Volunteers with specialist skills

Top 3 challenges:

  • We moved many of our activities online but there is still a limited understanding of how to best capitalize on technology.
  • Funding for the future as there are a lot of uncertainties.
  • Facilitating relationship building when no personal meetings can take place (at regional level).

Impact on beneficiaries:

Over the last three years we have supported several NGOs and social enterprises and strengthened their legal capacity through trainings, webinars and resources. Through our Hong Kong Clearinghouse and related activities we have supported over 150 NGOs with their own legal needs but also the needs communities they serve working towards greater access to justice for all.

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