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Remembrance of Grace Centre

Remembrance of Grace Centre is a non-profit organisation that strives for community services to make people having abundant live by knowing Jesus Christ since 2007. We have rebranded in 2019, dedicating our efforts in caring for lack of support elderly aged 65 or above. We have launched our new buddy programme, providing a wide range of services to elderly and enabling elderly and volunteers to build a deeper relationship and connection to each other.

Beneficiaries: Youth, Women, Elderly, Families and Community, Impoverished.

Top needs:

• Staff Salary:$170,000 per month
• Professional Volunteer
• Free APPS design and provide technical support;
• Video-taking for elderly life story
• Marketing and Fundraising; Funding Application support

Top 3 challenges:

• Financial hardship due to COVID-19 has greatly affected less participants to attend our program and hence less program income would get.
• Recent big drop of fund-raising and less donors to give donations due to poor local economic state and also we have difficulty to hold mass fundraising campaign due to COVID-19。

Impact on beneficiaries:

Program 1 - Volunteer Training & Development
• Publicity work on volunteer promotion and annual recruitment of 100
• Volunteer training to provide caring knowledge and skills of taking care of the elderly and caregivers

Program 2 - Community Education
• Interest group, educational talk to learn inter-generational integration
• District promotion and networking with different sectors to promote culture of showing respect to the elderly by peer companionship collaboration.

Program 3 - Peer Companionship &Support Services
• Visit and care: home visit, telephone contact, escort to community activities
• Living support: hair cut, food angel, home cleansing for annual 180 low income elderly
• Emotional support: individual and group counseling, life, and death education

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