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Splash Foundation

Mission: Provide free learn to swim/water safety for low-income communities.

Beneficiaries: Youth, Children with special education needs, New legal immigrant families, Migrant domestic workers.

Top needs:

• Securing more school and public pool space
• Ultimately, securing our own pool so we have more control over building/running programs
• Lost revenue from fundraiser cancellation (approx HKD 1 million)
• IT volunteer to help us build/integrate new database

Top 3 challenges:

• Swimming pools to conduct lessons (even when pools open, many of the schools may no longer rent to external groups).
• Loss of volunteers – Primarily volunteer-driven and some have left Hong Kong or will be leaving.
• Cancellation of our major annual fundraiser (50% of annual income).

Impact on beneficiaries:

Splash has taught nearly 3,000 people how to swim and be water safe. Learning to swim builds confidence at any age, increases self-esteem and builds a social network for disenfranchised groups.

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