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Splash Foundation

Mission: Provide free learn to swim/water safety for low-income communities.

Beneficiaries: Youth, Children with special education needs, New legal immigrant families, Migrant domestic workers.

Top needs:

• Pools - Finding pool space is our biggest challenge. Help start a Splash programme at your school, club or residential complex.

•Donate - Sponsor a participant or an entire class. It costs just HK$2,000 to teach someone how to swim.

• Coach - if you are a confident swimmer and a good communicator, come join us as a volunteer coach.

Top 3 challenges:

• Swimming pools to conduct lessons (even when pools open, many of the schools may no longer rent to external groups).
• Loss of volunteers – Primarily volunteer-driven and some have left Hong Kong or will be leaving.
• Cancellation of our major annual fundraiser (50% of annual income).

Impact on beneficiaries:

Splash has taught over 3,000 people how to swim and be water safe since 2015. Not only is it a life skill that keeps people safe, swimming is one of the most inclusive forms of physical exercise, achievable for all ages and abilities. At Splash, we create an opportunity for people to learn new skills, build confidence and socially connect with others, all which has a lasting impact on physical and mental well being.

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