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bethune house

The Bethune House Migrant Women’s Refuge


Bethune House is forerunner for shelter services in Hong Kong dedicated for distressed migrant women since 1986. We provide free shelter services (food and accommodation), emergency relief assistance, legal and medical case support, counselling and psychosocial activities for Asian migrant women, mainly foreign domestic helpers. We also have pioneered a holistic approach in caring for them. This includes contributing to the coping capacity and empowerment of the individual’s psycho-social welfare. We provide safe, secure, and supportive environment to these Asian migrant women in crisis as they work on their problems, access justice, and survive their hardships.


Beneficiaries: Women, Migrant domestic workers.


Top 3 challenges:

  1. Demand for shelter provisions as the numbers of termination have increased.
  2. Institutional funding for rent, utilities and staff. Our social service is our shelter provisions. Without institutional funding, we will not be able to shelter migrants in crisis
  3. Limited mobility


Impact on beneficiaries:

Our core services these past 3 years are shelter (within and beyond) and aid, case and welfare support including stranded and newly arrived MDWs in quarantine. We were able to make aa difference in these women's lives. Most of the women are jobless with legal cases so help is needed to be able to fend for themselves.


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