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The Hong Kong Society for the Blind

Mission: To provide services to help maximize the capabilities of the visually impaired, facilitate their equal participation in society and improve their quality of life with a view to achieving a harmonious and inclusive society.

Beneficiaries: Elderly, For persons with multiple disabilities and visual impairment, community volunteers.

Top needs:

• Funding for programs/ services
• Volunteers with specialist skills
• General volunteers


Top 3 challenges:

• Due to the epidemic, our elderly home has stopped visiting. All volunteers can’t visit our elderly for caring and organizing activities.
• The elderly are less involved in the social activities. Under this new normal situation, the physical and mental health of the elderly has been affected.


Impact on beneficiaries:

The Hong Kong Society for the Blind (HKSB) was established in 1956. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of services covering eye care and low vision services, rehabilitation and vocational training, educational support, employment guidance, adaptive technology advisory service, information and communication technology applications to improve information access for the visually impaired, rehabilitation service for persons with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI), and residential care for the aged blind. To improve the well-being of our service users, HKSB will continue to make the best use of its expertise to join forces with all stakeholders to strive for building up a barrier-free society with equal opportunities for all.

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