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Zubin Foundation

The Zubin Foundation

Mission: To improve the lives of the marginalised ethnic minority communities in Hong Kong by reducing sufferings and providing opportunities

Beneficiaries: Women, Mentally and Emotionally Disabled/ Challenged, Ethnic Minorities, Children with special education needs

Top needs:

• Mental Health Education for Ethnic Minority Children

Top 3 challenges:

• Fundraising: as we anticipate there will be a downturn of economy and it will be more difficult to secure funding for our projects after 2021

Impact on beneficiaries:

In the past year, we have:
• Assisted 789 ethnic minority women and girls in crisis
• Offered 237 hours of counselling to those who suffer from mental health issues
• Assisted 408 families with children with special needs
• Placed 50 jobs and internships
• Offered 203 hours of job training and mentoring

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