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Mission: Creating an Inclusive Society for ALL Children.

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Physically Disabled/ Challenged, Mentally and Emotionally Disabled/ Challenged, Families and Community, Ethnic Minorities, Children with special education needs.

Top needs:

• Funding for supporting the current program.
• Funding for supporting the new program.

Top 3 challenges:

• The uncertainties about the outbreak of COVID-19 which has greatly hindered our service planning and delivery.
• The fundraising outlook, especially on events and corporate fundraising.
• Quick response to the change of social needs and the new needs of post-COVID-19 era.

Impact on beneficiaries:

Through education, life experience and social exposure, children and youths with all abilities and backgrounds are given an equal opportunity to participate in society, learn about diversity, unlock possibilities and actualize potential through TREATS social inclusion programmes. We served more than 180,000 beneficiaries, mobilized about 5,000 volunteers and collaborated with more than 160 schools, organisations and corporate in 2020-21. 

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