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Mission: Empowering underprivileged communities with online education and peer support

Beneficiaries: Migrant domestic workers

Top needs:

• Funding to be able to reach more beneficiaries with our work in 2021 and beyond
• Improve our IT systems with the equipment necessary to automate our processes and grow the number of beneficiaries to our core program, Dare to Dream (a 3-week online money management and personal growth course) from 2,800 a year in 2020 to 10,000 a year by 2023
• Volunteers (must have experience or expertise in one of the following domains: fundraising, graphic design, illustration, IT systems, accounting)
• Donation of laptops and smartphones for our office team and our most committed alumni, domestic workers volunteering to support their peers in their studies.

Top 3 challenges:

• Like most NGO's, adequate funding is our biggest challenge. This is especially true in a year when a global pandemic has changed funding priorities for many donors, reduced the amount of funding available and increased the demand for key services like those Uplifters provides.
• Uplifters is entering the proof of concept stage. Support in terms of funding and resources at this time will ensure we can prove our model and make it available to more disadvantaged groups throughout the region and potentially globally
• Luckily as our programs were already provided online, Covid-19 had limited impact in terms of our service delivery - in fact, thanks to our mode of delivery, the number of people signing up for our services increased significantly in 2020. However, inadequate IT systems make monitoring our program (and therefore easily proving it's value) more time-consuming and challenging.

Impact on beneficiaries:

• Our original money management and personal growth online course has been running successfully since 2018 with more than 3,600* unique students enrolled (*- as of December 2020). Our beneficiaries are mostly Filipino and Indonesian from Hong Kong and Singapore but we have reached some participants from the Middle East thanks to referrals. Uplifters has a 51% completion ratio (Note: average industry rate is around 5%). We have a 100% recommendation rate amongst our alumni - including 86% who loved the course and 84% said our course transformed their lives. We also have a community of more than 9,000 domestic workers on our Facebook group where we share additional content and support on a daily basis.
• Our courses have the potential to scale both regionally and globally to impact other disadvantaged communities.

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