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Variety – the Children’s Charity Hong Kong Limited

Mission: Our mission is to empower children and youth in Hong Kong who are physically, mentally, socially or economically disadvantaged; and enable them to laugh, experience life and attain their full potential. All funds raised in Hong Kong are spent to support local children, young people and their families. 

Beneficiaries: Youth, Mentally and Emotionally Disabled/ Challenged, Families and Community.

Top needs:

• Funding for staff and operations
• Funding for programs/ services
• Volunteers with specialist skills

Top 3 challenges:

• Getting funding to sustain our programs is one of the top challenges. The negative impacts brought by social unrest and COVID-19 have affected our development greatly. We had to cancel events and changed the mode of training to online due to the circumstances. It makes it difficult to maintain a strong relationship with our stakeholders.
• Finding volunteers and sponsorship in kind are also our challenges. As we are an emerging NGO, brand building is also something we have to deal with.  Enhancement on website and social media is another challenge we have to deal with before long.

Impact on beneficiaries:

Since August 2016 to date, there are over 1000 cases receiving free psychiatric treatments for Variety Butterfly Program and 4,250 social workers, principals, parents and students attending our health/ stress support talks. Selected students went through summer internship, industry talk and one-on-one mentoring scheme for 2 years under the pilot scheme of Variety Falcon Program. 

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