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Walk DVRC Limited

Mission:  Enhance the wellbeing of HK citizens through placemaking and pedestrianization initiatives that enhance health, improve the environment, encourage social inclusiveness and help small businesses to flourish.

Beneficiaries: Infants and Children, Youth, Women, Men, Elderly, Physically Disabled/ Challenged, Medical Conditions, Families and Community, Environment.

Top needs:

• Funding need for overheads (staff salary + rent) – HKD 1.75 million

Top 3 challenges:

• Funding for overheads
• Funding for projects
• Inability to conduct public engagement activities

Impact on beneficiaries:

Raised the awareness through advocacy, education, community engagement, and research of the need to change HK’s urban planning model to value pedestrians over cars with the government, DCs, local retailers, and the community. The result is that a project to revitalize and re-energize HK’s Central Business District may be realized.

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