Get to Know Charities: Families of SMA

Families of SMA (FSMA) provides services to children afflicted with SMA, a rare degenerative neuromuscular disease, and assistance for their families.

Even though the absolute number of beneficiaries may be around 100 individuals, this community represents almost 90% of all people in Hong Kong afflicted with the disorder for which FMSA provides crucial community support.

FSMA’s donor base has been small but loyal, though FSMA has been negatively impacted by decreased funding – as all NGOs have been during the current pandemic. With the support of a corporate earlier this year, FSMA launched a picture book campaign consisting of four high quality books of watercolour illustrations depicting inspirational testimonials of children living with SMA. Gifted to donors, there are still books left if any reader may be interested in donating any amount!  

By Jennifer Wannenmacher

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