Get to Know Charities: MakerBay


MakerBay’s vision is to empower youth to innovate solutions for real-life situations. By studying the basic components of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Maths), students are taught to address social, economic, and environmental issues in a holistic and critical manner.

To this end, founder Cesar Jung Harada along with his team of Chicky Bhavnani (CEO), Michael O’Brien (Programme Manager) and MakerBay core team endeavor to give the largest range of accessibility for STEM: by providing physical space and tools, by producing STEM curriculum and programs, and by training teachers and supervisors to extend the reach of innovation. MakerBay is a social enterprise, with revenue-generating services, and a charity arm which was started in 2017 called The MakerBay Foundation.

In the previous years, the Foundation served over 3000 beneficiaries, hosted 300+ workshops, and recently created an interactive online platform to help facilitate online STEAM workshops. MakerBay Foundation beneficiaries include refugees and underserved youth in Hong Kong.

By Jennifer Wannenmacher

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