Community Building
Creating partnerships that empower the nonprofit ecosystem to better serve their communities

What We Do

We bring human, social and financial capital to nonprofits in order to increase their operational capacity. We also connect nonprofits with one another, increasing their ability to collectively address challenging social issues. 

By working together and collaborating with a shared vision, NGOs can more effectively leverage resources and maximize their collective output and impact.

Our Services

ACS facilitates the collaboration and sharing of knowledge between NGOs with the aim of making positive change within the social sector, for the benefit of the Hong Kong community as a whole. We provide connections to potential funding and other resource partners,  skilled volunteers and innovative learnings through community gatherings and “hackathons” and by providing free access to resources. 

Community Support Platform

  • Bridges and connects NGOs with other players in the social sector, including other NGOs, volunteers, funding and other potential resource partners
  • Provides NGOs with an online forum to share their urgent needs and challenges, and for funding and other potential resource partners to connect directly with NGOs, based on mutual interests

Cross-Sector Partnerships

  • Brings together organizations (including NGOs, volunteers, corporate and family foundations) who share a  vision with which to address social challenges
  • Supports the development of innovative community-based programs to serve unmet NGO needs within different service sectors

Community Gatherings

  • Promotes and facilitates networking, peer-learning and support, and collaboration within and across different sectors of the NGO ecosystem, enabling NGOs to collectively address specific issues in areas of shared strategic importance


  • Community Resources provide access to funding opportunities, industry guidelines and reports
  • ACS Resources provide access to ACS shared learnings and research

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