Capacity Building
Increasing capacity for NGOs through skills-based volunteers and partners

What We Believe

Hong Kong’s neediest rely on grassroots, small to medium-sized nonprofit organisations for many of their critical and essential daily needs – whether physical, mental or emotional.  Nonprofit organisations must, themselves, build their own internal capacity  and resilience in order to weather the storms ahead, while still continuing to deliver their services, uninterrupted. 

Since 2007, ACS has provided pro bono professional development, training and consulting services to more than 700 NGOs, working 


alongside more than  1200 skills-based volunteers and subject matter experts. 

We guide and support NGOs to strengthen their core operations and organisational resilience in order to transform themselves and better serve their beneficiaries and service users, while facilitating opportunities for them to engage with other stakeholders in the sector.  

Now, more than ever, our entire community needs to work together for a better Hong Kong.


Our Programs

ACS training and development programs leave a lasting impression on NGO participants who come away invigorated by focused learning sessions which are supported by skilled volunteer subject matter expert speakers and presenters, and facilitators.  All our programs offer follow-on engagement and post-program mini-consultations with these skilled volunteers.  Some of our programs also offer the opportunity to role-play real life situations of engagements with prospective funders and other stakeholders, including pitching scenarios with monetary or in-kind funding.

ACS Ignite Seminar

IGNITE workshops offer expert subject matter perspectives, small group peer-to-peer learning and engagement on operational challenges and social innovation.  These workshops are targeted at the C-suite of NGO leadership and executive management, and their Board members. 

Topics covered:

  • The Digital Transformation Journey
  • Cross-sector Collaboration
  • What Do Funders Want?  Fundraising & Due Diligence 

PIVOT provides needs-based strategic assessments and long term support, guided by our experienced volunteer consultants. Our consultations aim to identify and evaluate the challenges faced by NGOs, providing actionable plans for implementation to address these issues effectively.

Key Elements:

  • Participatory approach incorporates staff/board feedback
  • Strategic assessments uncover blind spots and optimize strategic alignment
  • Actionable and realistic recommendations
  • Subsequent engagements track progress and provide further advice
JC Engage Digital Marketing

Explore the art of digital storytelling, empowering NGOs to connect more deeply with stakeholders.


  • Video Storytelling
  • Digital Campaigns 


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