Motivating Charities: Promoting Next Gen Communications

There is an Augustinian notion that, within every city is a beautiful side and a dark side. While ACS has been brokenhearted by the fear, pain and division racking Hong Kong, we are deeply grateful to be part of a community seeking to serve, learn, grow and contribute. In the midst of uncertainty, we moved forward with our “Fall semester” focused on training NGOs to know their beneficiaries, and to tell meaningful stories and strengthen communications with traditional and social media.  

Thank you, NGOs, for the small and big ways in which you tirelessly serve our society, with limited resources, in spite of many difficulties and discouragement. You inspire us, and we hope to keep working for good alongside you in the years ahead.

Thank you, dear volunteers, speakers, venue sponsors and funders, who make our work possible. Just since September, more than 200 business professionals have volunteered on our programs to serve over 100 NGOs which address diverse issues ranging from at-risk youth, to care for the disabled, to animal rights and the environment, to migrant worker needs and active ageing.

It has been a difficult time for all of us, but we press ahead, and we are not alone.   

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