Unleashing the Fundraising Potential of Your Board

Funding and fundraising of an NGO is a perennial challenge for NGO leadership. Board governance expert and NGO leader Charles Bedford challenges NGO Board members to do more to lead and support fundraising for NGOs, while serial NGO leader Libby Vaughan unpacks a fund-raising toolkit for Board members。

非牟利機構的資金和籌款是非牟利機構領導層長期面臨的挑戰。董事會專家和非牟利機構領導人 Charles Bedford 希望非牟利機構的董事會成員能更多地領導和支持非牟利機構的籌款活動,而非牟利機構領導人Libby Vaughan 為董事會成員提供了一個籌款工具包。


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