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At ACS we provide pro bono leadership development and  training workshops to all levels of leadership within NGO staff teams serving  across Hong Kong. These are delivered and facilitated by Hong Kong’s best business leaders – people like you!

Experts in a wide range of disciplines find volunteering in ACS programs or being a core volunteer at ACS to be a meaningful way to apply their skills in the nonprofit sector. With capacity building programs ranging from deep dive consulting sessions to leadership development on strategy and fundraising, to practical workshops on digital marketing and storytelling,  we link Hong Kong’s top-most professionals with nonprofits who are eager to grow.

In the past 15 years since its inception, ACS has served more than 700 NGOs via these capacity building programs.  A network of more than 1,200 skilled volunteers has supported this work and in excess of 3,000 NGO leaders who represent a broad range of social causes across Hong Kong.

We draw from a deep pool of talent among our passionate skilled volunteers who cover the gamut of business competencies, enabling them to support our programs in the areas in which they are expert. 

Since we began in 2007, our volunteers have clocked up over 35,000 probono skills-based volunteering hours. We are also blessed by the ongoing, active support of staff both paid and volunteer.

Volunteering at ACS also allows you to expand your social reach by working with like-minded business professionals and NGO leaders to make our society a better place.

We have NGO leadership teams who are waiting to learn from you!  Why not get involved – for a few hours, for a program, or whenever demand for your expertise is required?

Why Volunteer with ACS?

Make an impact

Leverage your professional business skills to support  NGOs to be more effective in addressing the many social and operational challenges they face 


Gain insights into social issues impacting the community and how you can effect change at the NGO leadership level


Expand your social reach by working with other like-minded business professionals and NGO leaders to make Hong Kong a better place


"I enjoy using my training, design and facilitation skills to create the programs but especially love facilitating the breakouts and hearing about the mission and challenges of the many different organisations serving the HK community. The NGO staff are so inspiring and interesting! Volunteering with ACS has given me a chance to use my professional experience and knowledge to help the NGO community in HK and also to continue to learn and grow myself. I am continually humbled by the caring, hard work and creativity if the staff of the NGOs I come into contact with through ACS – and by the dedication, organization and cheerfulness of the staff of ACS itself!
Penny van Niel
"Being part of the curriculum team of the then new ACS program Sprint was particularly interesting for me as I learned a lot through research and working with subject matter experts on topics such as design thinking and social media. I gained new insights on simplifying complex concepts and using fun games so that new ideas and thinking could resonate better with NGO participants. These insights also broadened my own horizon as a business professional. It was wonderful to witness the birth and the evolution of Sprint!"
Dora Wong


You can start by filling out the Volunteer Sign-Up Form HERE. Once it is submitted, one of our team will be reach out to tell you more and you will start receiving volunteering opportunities.

Small and medium sized SPOs that participate in our programs can lack necessary business skills. As a skills-based volunteer, you will help close the gap through your expertise, facilitation and offering a 3rd party perspective. We carefully look at your interests, relevant skills, years of work experience, industry and education background, and language proficiency for the best fit to our programs. As our programs are ever-evolving, we encourage you to reach out and start a conversation to see how you can best help.

We have many opportunities for you to get involved. For our capacity building programs you will be paired with SPOs and serve in the role of consultant, coach or facilitator. This is a great way to get to know SPOs individually and understand the beneficiary needs through the lens of an SPO. You can also support us on different initiatives which include community connecting, volunteer engagement, reaching out to various NGOs and other core functions essential to ACS. So contact us today and let’s start the conversation!

Each volunteer’s journey will vary according to his/her expertise, interests etc.. However, a typically journey could be as follows:

Generally, our capacity building programs will have a set curriculum and a pre-event briefing to go through what is expected. During the event(s), we would also pair new volunteers with experienced volunteers to make the experience more seamless and mutually beneficial. Please reach out with any other questions you might have.

Absolutely! You are more than welcome to continue to be involved. Many of our volunteers have even become board members of the SPOs. 

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