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At ACS we provide free management training workshops to the leadership teams of NGOs across Hong Kong. These are delivered by Hong Kong’s best business leaders – people like you!

Experts from a wide range of disciplines find ACS a meaningful way to use their skills in the nonprofit sector. With wide-ranging workshops from marketing to fundraising, management consulting to communications, we link Hong Kong’s top-most professionals with nonprofits eager to grow.

Through more than 900 sessions, ACS has served more than 500 NGOs. We have trained and supported more than 2,000 NGO leaders, representing a broad range of social causes across Hong Kong and Asia.

Asian Charity Services allows you to expand your social reach by working with like-minded business professionals and NGO leaders to make our society a better place.

We draw from a deep pool of talent among our passionate volunteers. We’ve drawn on skills covering the gamut of business competencies – from management to leadership, marketing to fundraising.

Since we began in 2007, our volunteers have clocked up over 35,000 skill-based volunteering hours. We are also blessed by the ongoing, active support of staff both paid and volunteer.

We have NGO leadership teams who are waiting to learn from your expertise. Why not get involved – for a few hours, for a program, or whenever demand for your expertise is required.

Why Volunteer with ACS?

Make an impact

Leverage your professional skills to help NGOs be more effective in addressing the manifold social challenges you see today


Gain insights into social issues across the community and how you can effect change at the leadership level


Expand your social reach by working with other like-minded business professionals and NGO leaders to make our society a better place



Each ACS project comprises  a) a mini-consulting project and b) a series of training workshops.

For the mini-consulting project, two to three interviews will need to be completed by each volunteer consultant, and a final report prepared. A time commitment of no more than 9 hours over a 3- week period is required for the mini-consulting project. 

For the training workshops, ACS volunteer consultants are expected to attend all three 3-hour sessions. Including the time required to prepare for the workshops and to complete research assignments, total number of hours to be contributed would amount to approximately 18 hours over a 4- to 6- week period. 

As Asian Charity Services aims to uphold the professionalism and standards of our services provided to the leadership teams of nonprofits, we ask that the volunteer consultants view the projects they sign up for with a high degree of commitment in terms of their attendance and consulting support work.

Asian Charity Service provides a detailed workshop package for our volunteer consultants. Project brief, charity background information, sample curriculum templates, as well as reference readings are always duly provided.

The ACS workshops are conducted using a specially designed curriculum which provides a clear roadmap for volunteer consultants to walk through the strategic discussions.

To help the volunteer consultants become familiarized with the ACS process and the curriculum, we run general briefings for our volunteer consultants, as well as basic one-on-one facilitator coaching.

Volunteer consultants are grouped into a team of four to serve one charity client. We bring together business professionals from various industries / organizations, many of whom are mid- to senior level business executives. We then go through a vigorous process to select and assign a team of volunteer consultants to a single charity client, based on the needs and situation of the charity client.
As our training workshops are designed for volunteer consultants and charity clients to co-develop a basic business plan through the three workshops, it is very important that the volunteer consultants commit to attending all three workshops so that they can fully contribute to the development process. For this reason, when we select and assign volunteer consultants, we tend to give priority to those who can commit to attending all three workshops.
We require our volunteer consultants to have a minimum of five years of work experience. However, we do not require volunteers to have had previous experience working with nonprofits or previous consulting experience in order to be qualified. The key is to have a deep interest in serving the local community, and to be skilled in critically thinking through issues and developing solutions for key organizational challenges.

Asian Charity Services regularly recruits volunteers from the corporate sector, and we give careful consideration to many factors throughout the selection process. In addition to accepting only applicants with at least five years’ work experience, we tend to involve applicants who are available for all three workshops.

We also carefully analyze the needs of the charity clients and assess the types of volunteer consultants that would be the best match. Relevant functional skills, years of work experience, industry and education background, and language proficiency are a few of the key selection criteria.

For each of the nonprofits that ACS confirms as charity clients, ACS works vigorously to match them with a volunteer team with the most appropriate mix of relevant skill sets, background and experience. With this systematic matching process, volunteer consultants will not be able to choose which nonprofits they work with.

A volunteer consultant’s commitment is in completing the specific ACS project, which ends with the completion of the workshops. However, volunteer consultants do have the option to continue supporting the charity clients on their own as they deem agreeable.

This volunteer activity will no longer be part of an ACS project and the amount of volunteering time is subject to the individual’s arrangement with the nonprofit. There had been incidences when past ACS volunteer consultants went on to continue volunteering and even to become board members of the charity clients whom they had served.

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