Who we are

What We Believe

Leaders of small-to-medium sized NGOs have limited access to professional training and resources to grow their organizations. Asian Charity Services supports them to better help their beneficiaries and service users, and to alleviate complex societal challenges.

We do this by providing pro bono capacity-building services for small-to-medium-sized NGOs in Hong Kong by connecting them with businesses and social-minded individuals and organizations which can provide advice, funding and other resources.

We empower our NGO community through training, consulting, volunteerism and community connection.

ACS is a Hong Kong-registered NGO since 2007 (Reg. no. 91/05927).

Our Vision
We envision a more unified and equitable Hong Kong, where all people, especially those less fortunate, have access to excellent services and resources, cultivating a more empathetic and serving society.

Our Mission
We want to maximize the impact of small to medium-sized NGOs through our role as capacity builders and community connectors, enabling them to be more effective, efficient, and sustainable in serving our communities.

Our Values


We believe that every individual and organization has a unique purpose and a part to play in making the world a better place for present and future generations.


We treat everyone with fairness and honesty in word and deed.


We work with an innovative spirit to resolve complex issues.


We work with accountability and good stewardship in all that we do.


We are committed to excellence in our values, service, work, and knowledge.

Our Story

It all started with a vision to serve the NGO community

In 2007, two friends – Nancy and David – both with a heart to serve, realized that, with a little bit of help, NGOs in Hong Kong could be so much more impactful. To assess how this could be done, Nancy met with different NGO leaders to better understand their various needs. From those meetings, Nancy had a light bulb moment: by leveraging skills-based volunteers who would act as consultants and advisors, NGOs could have access to much of the knowledge and resources they needed to scale and amplify their social impact.  Nancy also found that NGOs needed a connector and a community advocate – one that could assist with the sharing of knowledge and support collaboration.  Asian Charity Services was born.

The launch of Asian Charity Services …

Nancy worked for six years as a management consultant, before becoming a mobile gaming entrepreneur. After her company was sold to Disney in 2007, she followed her passion to help the social sector, utilizing what she had learnt as a management consultant to launch the ASCEND program, and other programs, under ACS. 

David, a former Morgan Stanley CFO in Asia-Pacific and already an active philanthropist, knew that most NGOs needed financial support since only 1.9% of NGOs in Hong Kong receive government funding. Smaller NGOs are generally under-resourced anyway, often with limited capacity or knowledge to raise funds and scale-up, so he worked with Nancy to shape the vision and mission of ACS. Nancy and David understood what was needed most was not a book or a lecture on how to run an NGO, but rather, someone who would walk alongside these NGOs – to provide the resources, skills, and support that they needed to grow and fulfil their vision to make a difference in the social sector.

Through the shared dream of these two friends to help NGOs in Asia, ACS has been able to serve more than 700 NGOs over the past 15 years since its inception.  During this time, ACS has also grown, not only as a capacity builder, but also as a community connector. We not only provide support and training to NGOs, we also facilitate peer-to-peer learning and cross-sector collaboration, and help bridge the gap between resources and NGOs.

At ACS, we multiply our positive impact on society via the many different NGOs that we work with. 

As Mother Teresa said, “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

We invite you to be a part of our story and join us as we “Serve Those Who Serve”.

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